Fancy Pasta w/ Garlic Toast Varieties


Boil noodles of your choice as stated on your brand’s packaging. A good rule is to use enough water to cover the noodles (and to add them once the water is at a rapid boil) I drain and rinse my noodles in cool water to get some of the starch off but this is optional. I also don’t add any butter to my noodles but a lot of people seem to.

This time Zach seasoned ground venison with Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, and onion powder and stored it overnight in plastic wrap. It is lightly browned and added to heated pasta sauce along with mushroom pieces and chopped onion (optional) You can also use ground beef or turkey if you don’t have/like venison.

As for sauce we used one of our many extra cans of pasta sauce for the same reason we used the venison, these were the ingredients we had on hand thanks to our local food bank. You can substitute your favorite brand of pasta sauce or make your own with tomato sauce, paste and spices.

Zach is usually in charge of cooking the meat and pasta and I’m in charge of the garlic toast! It’s easy, you just slice french bread (you could use just about any bread that has a flat surface) and coat with melted butter.

I add garlic powder, onion powder and other seasonings to the butter, put it in the microwave a few seconds and use a basting brush to put it on the bread evenly but you can simply butter the bread and sprinkle on the spices and seasonings.

I add things like parsley or oregano before browning the bread a little on both sides. When the pasta is almost ready I add the rest of the toppings to the garlic toast (as listed below) and put back in the oven (or in the broiler if carefully watched for very crispy toast as pictured above)

Plain: Follow the basic recipe and add some dried chopped onions (in spice isle) and shredded or Parmesan cheese if you wish. When using french bread I usually leave the end pieces plain because they only have one flat surface.

Jalapeno Cheddar: The food bank also gave us a can of Jalapeno peppers and a gigantic block of cheddar cheese that I have been trying to use in everything! It turned out quite well.

Black Olive & Mushroom: My personal favorite. I used some leftover pizza sauce (that I always seem to have on hand!) and added canned mushrooms, which I purchased and yet another food bank item, black olives.

I sprinkle most of my creations with Parmesan cheese and loaded garlic toast and venison rotini are no exceptions! I will be posting pictures of the tasty pasta bake Zach made for me the other day as well as any other awesome creations that come out of my kitchen this week :D

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