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June Blooms


Late Start


As of late, my garden is waking from its long hibernation… Things are taking off and so I will have more frequent updates soon. I have tiny onions, carrots, potatoes and jalapenos already!

Garden Variety


New things are blooming everyday! Much more to come this season and up next… Autumn, my favorite, but don’t tell the others! Each has its own merit. (and I live in the Midwest!)

Still growing here in a hot Iowa summer. Here are some of my favorite shots so far! Many more to come :)

Tomorrow I’m snapping some updated photos but here is my garden journey so far in 2013 :D

Spring has finally made it! I’ve transplanted some lovely sprouts and I’m cleaning up all the crap that’s been burying me all winter (and longer) The new job is going well and I’ve got a fancy new (old school) push mower that works fantastic! I can’t wait for my plants to get bigger and the […]

Collage created and enhanced using a browser based photo editor, pixlr. This Aurora pepper plant was wintered over. The first pepper is getting almost big enough to pick. These are beautiful, mildly hot peppers that turn amazing colors. All the other pepper plants are popping up as well :)

Veggie Vixen blog / Veggie Vixen tumblr Two friends from work are collaborating on a group blog called The Veggie Vixens! Much more coming soon :D

Homegrown fruits, veggies and herbs for your visual pleasure and my gluttonous indulgence! I have so many new shots that I will be dividing them into several posts :)

Originally posted on mande green gallery:
blastedgoat:A new gallery I’m in the process of designing for my many creative projects. Some old things will be borrowed from my current blogs and new exclusive content is on the horizon! Originally posted on mande green gallery: View original

Thanks for dropping in… There’s plenty in bloom and ready to share in the days to come! I also have a few videos in the works and as always whatever is on my mind or ends up in front of my camera! ♥ BLASTEDGOAT


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