I moved into a new (temporary) place and have started my traveling garden! I was so busy that I missed blogging last month entirely so I thought I should give you a tiny update. The place is owned by my good friend (and we stole her rhubarb from another friend last year) I will take more photos once I finished getting settled (for now!)

I had a blast! Look for a video (coming soon) that shows much more! I highly recommend this zoo: habitats are large, well built, and historical. Large animals are moved around to give them the benefits of habitat sharing. This zoo treats animals very well and is full of great information :)

Off the Rails


Holy moly! My car tried to kill me (blown tire on the highway) then my boss assassinated me (my position that is)

It seems I may end up where I wanted to be sooner than expected. I’m counting on landing the perfect job in Denver! I’m visiting this weekend for my birthday, the last year of my twenties. I have butterflies in my stomach but oddly they aren’t unwelcome. I’m being propelled toward an unknown future and it could be… fantastic!

I forgot to blog last month! Dang you February, always throwing me off with your shortness. What gives? Anyhow, here I am a few days late with not much new to report. I’ve been working and driving on these crazy winter roads dreaming of my move across the country that will hopefully occur in a few short months!

Here is at least one decent shot I took recently… I NEED a new camera… but that will have to wait until after the move I think…

watsonbeginnings 008

If you wondered what keeps me away from my beloved blog for months at a time as of late… I’m in aerial film scanning and mapping. I enjoy the challenges of my job but want a change. I’ve been thinking of moving for some time and soon it will become a reality! I’ve ventured out of Iowa on trips but never lived abroad or even in another state like I desperately wanted as a teenager.

I’m trying to pin down what to do and where to do it but rest assured, it will be fantastic! Once there I won’t be able to stop the inspiration from flooding into my blog (hopefully!)

I will be moving with my boyfriend in March just before my birthday, the last year of my twenties… Let’s see what I’ll make of it!




Year’s End

Just some words I emailed myself last week while I was supposed to be working. Edited New Year’s Eve. Hope it’s a creative and productive 2015!
Year’s End
I abandon you for the swarms in a mangled mind.
Investing in nothing, just rambling around a broken town.
Don’t remember the exact day, the precise moment
I lost it all. But I’ve been picking up faint recollections
Of how it feels before the last of your vessels explode…

We had such a lovely trip spending time with family, experiencing city life and taking a break at our favorite camping spot deep in the forests of Colorado. Look for a second post about the Denver Botanical Gardens very soon!

Bee :)


Many things are growing right outside my door!

I really need to get my camera out there and remember to report back. These last few months have been crazy but I appreciate you stopping by to see what I’ve been up to :)


I’ve been in the garden everyday… Not so much the case with my blog but here, I have some proof!

June Blooms



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