In Remembrance

My girls are together at last

I miss them & their sweet purrs

Wasabi (Susie) & Kikkoman (Kikko)

Thank you for all the lessons you taught me!


Kikko the Kitty from Outer Space

We lost this beautiful girl last month. It was just over a year since Mr. Trouble passed.

I want to post more here. I was taking a break as a tribute to my fallen pet but I feel Kikko would want me to keep working on this and share her cute face.

She was a great friend and photo subject. She made the cutest noises and acted like a puppy as she would run to you when you called her name. Kikko “Monster” slept between us every night and chirped “Good morning” and gave nose kisses for her breakfast. The house feels empty without her. Sister Wasabi is lonely but doing as well as can be expected. Our little alien kitty has just gone home… We miss her so much!

moving wasabi and kikkoman

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A Place Where There Isn’t Any Trouble

Today we lost our lovely kitty Mr. Trouble. As a photographer he was naturally one of my favorite and sweetest subjects. I’m trying to remember a time before he was in pain.

Trouble Love

Please leave comments below for Mr. Trouble or tell me about your own pets. Thanks for your support.

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A Short While Later… [Return of the Weekly Photo Challenge: Experimental]

The last time I updated here, well it was a little while ago. However,  it was for good reason. I acquired a new computer, we finished our markets and now I can resume this silly experiment called blastedgoat! I’m looking for a new camera (put any suggestions below) and I intend to update my business website too… It may be winter but there is still so much work to be done before the seed catalogs hit and I start planning my 2018 garden. Until all that excitement please enjoy some highlights from 2017:



Cool Summer Days

Spring was hot but so far Summer has been cooling off. We’ve had crazy thunderstorms, hail and tornadoes. Markets have been going well and are about to start booming with produce. I’ve been working on Kaleidoscope Gardens (physical and online) along with my insane part time job at Dollar Tree so I’ve had little time to update here but I’ll have an abundance to post soon!

Another issue has been my computer. It doesn’t upload from my camera anymore so I’ll have to get creative about how to get all my recent photos online. While I figure out my technical difficulties enjoy shots from our warm yet productive Spring garden:

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to check out updates from my garden and craft company Kaleidoscope Gardens:

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Instagram | kaleidoscopegardens

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Kaleidoscope Gardens

Check out my new produce and market blog! I’ve been focusing on getting it up and running for the season. First market is in less than a week!

Come check us out, we are currently turning green! More vibrant colors coming soon! If you wish to share please do! Feel free to use these buttons/banners in any size and link to

Kaleidoscope Gardens

Colorado/Rocky Mountain Highlights

It’s been too long since I did a photo challenge and it just so happens the perfect theme presented itself after our recent trip to Colorado. We hiked several places: Dinosaur Ridge, Garden of the Gods, Rocky Mountain National Park [Emerald Lake, Dream Lake, Nymph Lake, Bear Lake] We visited: City park, Pike’s Peak, The Rustic Acre [cabins in Estes Park] and delicious local restaurants. Keep checking back for more information about this trip. For now, check out these “high points” of our journey! See other interpretations of the weekly theme and add your own here: Weekly Photo Challenge | Atop

Until we meet again, Colorado!

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