A Year Living in a Strange Town

Dubuque is only an hour and a half from where I grew up but still, it seems so different. We have been here over a year now and though I don’t have a car and bike all over town I still have time to pop on WordPress now and again. I travel all over the world by following lovely blogs made by people living or traveling to these magical places. My boyfriend (of ten years) and I have decided to move to Colorado and begin planning our dream trips which include but are not limited to: Japan, Peru, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Harry Potter World *lol* I don’t know who is more excited for that trip… The point is that this first year has been the test to see if I could even leave home and we made it. I’ve been lonely but I stay busy. I also get support from anyone who comments on, likes or follows my blog!

I shared this comment on Facebook last week that I received on an essay I wrote in college (many years ago!) I thought I should share it here:

I end my night with this amazing comment I received on my blog today. Things like this are what keep me writing and sharing even when it seems no one is listening: “I finished watching [Freaks and Geeks] on Netflix just yesterday and this morning found your post (you started following me). I’m not done reading all the comments but I will tell you that this show and your commentary have helped me learn more about my own son than anything ever before… (He’s 44 and I am 68.) This was his favorite TV show and he shares your opinions. It’s been an amazing connection to share the show with him, even at this late date. Thanks and I am sending him this article…”

I hope this person won’t mind me using parts of their comment. I’m a shy person sometimes and don’t always get to express myself. That’s what I use my blog to do. Many times I speak in photos but other times words help the story as well. I always appreciate kind words and I love giving them to others. Even a nice “hello” or “good morning” can make a stranger feel less alone in a strange new town…

Jubilant [Weekly Photo Challenge]

I waited until I got home to see what the theme for the week was. I was a little preoccupied with a long drive to the funeral of a very close friend’s mother. Cheri was like a second mom to me. I have memories of smiles, laughs, jokes, dinners and just plain spending so many nights over. Cheri was adamant that today was supposed to be a celebration of her life and not a day to be sad but sadness is understandable, we witnessed the loss of such a jubilant soul. I would like to dedicate this week to some of Cheri’s flowers. They represent her warmth and thirst for life.

Face [Weekly Photo Challenge]


Do you see a man climbing out of the cave in the outline of the first photo or is that just me? Also, here is the look on my face the day we went caving for the first time (a week or so ago) I peeked in several small caves before but this time we needed headlamps! Can’t wait to go again and stand face to face with nature… and baby bats… and *scream* spiders!

Earth [Weekly Photo Challenge]

Mother Earth :)

What is your favorite place to visit on Earth? Is it close to home (like the first picture from my new town) or is it faraway like my vacation photo from Colorado (where I plan to move someday!) Feel free to post links to photo challenges in the comments (especially this one!) I try to keep up but sometimes I miss lovely posts. It is so fun to travel via computer and a joy to see so many interpretations of the same theme. Glad to be back at these weekly challenges once more, huzzah!

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