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IRIS retracts… Stinging yellow sunshine blends with blue pin wheeling circles mixing into acid green sparks. Combinations of coordinated colors explode and reflect on a solid black RIVER. A bridge burns… cinders fall into the Cedar… KCRR 97.7 streams a WAR OF STARS a SYMPHONY of crashes and booms that have nothing to do with […]

In Siddhartha dreams enlighten the dreamer to some greater truth, “when a man is asleep, he penetrates his innermost and dwells in Atman” (Hesse 1951 7). Siddhartha becomes restless when he realizes what he has become and his entire life sickens him. After a sleepless night he finally falls asleep at dawn and has a […]

…Mum will soon walk in to bother me and ask what I am doing. I, of course, will tell her, home work! OK I was wrong, she just walked in. Her friend Nicole came over, fuck. Now she’s yelling at me to go bring the clothes in from the dryer… yes we live in ghetto […]

yo, another re-post. ha i just love keeping tabs on the lameness that was, is and always will be… me :] updates are in [these fuckers] enjoy… i am at odds with everything. my mum, my boyfriend, most of my friends, but mostly myself. i no longer take my medication for fear of becoming dependent […]



found another funny old blog, gosh the internet is fun :] conception: the process of arriving at an abstract idea or belief or the moment at which such an idea starts to take shape or emerge… i am not ever going to change but i finally realize this is a good thing. i am who […]

This is kind of a re-post because I made a video for one of my poems. I think it may have changed from the original so here you be: Tall Tale I scale a wall ten feet tall and curiously fall to the forest floor. Tree roots grab ankles, heels feel warm with moss growing […]



A wedding ring slinks through the pipes of a crumbling claw-footed bathtub. I see you looking back at me in the mirror.

Rock & Rule


Rock & Rule is a ridiculous movie that you should check out sometime if you get a chance. It’s set in the future after WWIII and everyone is descended from mutant cats and dogs and rats. It’s freaking hilarious. Here’s an excellent plot summary written by James Ellis: Angel, a member of a punk rock […]



“Oh My Darling, Clementine” is an American western folk ballad usually credited to Percy Montrose (1884) though sometimes to Barker Bradford. The song is believed to have been based on another called “Down by the River Liv’d a Maiden” by H. S. Thompson (1863). The words are those of a bereaved lover singing about his […]



I look around and love my world, I hate my life sometimes, no it’s not the same thing, not even close. I love the world around me, even the endless construction and trash I walk by on an ordinary day. I love the grey sky, I love the shitting dog… because everything else, everything living […]

Helena Viramontes’ novel “Under the Feet of Jesus” is a story concentrated with imagery and symbolism. I really connected with the way that Viramontes presents her characters and their setting. The quality of the images and symbolism she uses is what pulled me into the story immediately. I feel that the place she is writing […]

Spidery Veins


I dye thick curls in cherry pie filling. If the scent catches your attention… follow the trail of crunched up leaves, abandon your clothes in the tall trees. I’ll pack down the trail, the weeds and the dead leaves. Stale flowers crumble in the breeze. Around us the moon spills for miles around I hear […]



Don’t always take things so seriously. If you say your baby cries a lot, and I tell you to shake em’ it’s still your fault if you’re dumb enough to listen. So if I give advice, and you mean to follow it, make sure my underwear don’t say “Mandy M Fauser” or “Mental Ward” I’m […]


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