Ode to Nature

[too lazy to read? i got ya covered]

Ode to Nature
I walk alone on uneven ground
and feel where it has been softly
beaten and used by dreamers
stumbling in their waking sleep.
Life is surreal at the moment,
this moment is a standstill
because all at once,
and maybe for the first time
I am standing still,
I am paying attention
to every unimportant thing.

I saw someone I knew, just now
and had no trouble
suppressing my urge to call out.
I have no want,
no need for his human attention
I walk fully open to the possibility
of being completely alone
in a crowd of people.
A crowd of laughing, crying,
untouchable people who will never
get to appreciate this perfect Thursday
from where I am sitting.

Even here, even surrounded by:
shops, cars, streets
and the stagnation of city congestion
I find rapture in the refuge
of a million like-minds
I repeat my words
and borrow those I can’t begin
to put together
from those who have let Nature
be the foundation,
not the obstacle.
fences, caution,
construction, noise,
mud, and grit
The uselessness of our progressive
tastes when the loveliest
and most powerful places exist
without the hands of men.


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