Tall Tale / Violent Keys

This is kind of a re-post because I made a video for one of my poems. I think it may have changed from the original so here you be:

Tall Tale
I scale a wall ten feet tall and curiously
fall to the forest floor. Tree roots grab ankles,
heels feel warm with moss growing between toes.
Leaping from log to stone in search of flowers
I absentmindedly wander into an overgrown graveyard.
Here heroes died and were laid to rest; now wild-birds
sing mourning songs and them build monuments:
make-shift nests in the chests of ancient trees
with rotting cavities for mouths and sickly
splintered fingers that grasp at grey clouds.
Fingernails scratch orange leaves
that cling to running legs.
I smell the growling breath of a stranger
I dare not raise alarm
a figure stands glued to a corner
his black eyes on me…


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