found another funny old blog, gosh the internet is fun :]

conception: the process of arriving at an abstract idea or belief or the moment at which such an idea starts to take shape or emerge…

i am not ever going to change but i finally realize this is a good thing. i am who i want to be and love who i am becoming… if that doesn’t fit in with others ideas of me, so be it. to please one is to disappoint many. i know at the core i am good and my motivations only stem out of my wanting to help people.

i am tired of feeling as though i have to be lessened, or put out. i rage with both passion and guilt. i am burned into the memories of everyone i have ever locked eyes with… i feel my spirit was not meant to be contained as it is. i know i need to be free, desperately, wildly free.

i know what i need right now. i need to scream out all of these things in my head. i am not going to feel sorry, anymore.

i didn’t choose to see life in a different way, my eyes were given to me, coloured by my childhood and brief exposure into adulthood. i may be angry, stubborn and childish but i am honest. and i believe honesty lies at the root of all understanding.

here is me being honest: i don’t mind being crazy, i honestly don’t mind. i don’t see myself that way, or that way in a bad context. so if people dislike who i am… i can do nothing to change that, i refuse to change for anyone.



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