Five Years in Iraq

blastedgoat attended an Iraq War Peace Vigil for the war’s 5th anniversary. blastedgoat is a student at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, Iowa. She loves living in the Midwest but also wants to travel around the world in order to expand her experience and knowledge of the world. This video was not made to offend or degrade the brave veterans of this horrific war, in fact, i stood with my friends and community members for a very good friend who is fighting in Iraq for his second time and couldn’t be present to express his anti-war sentiments. The music is by the Beatles with solo work from John Lennon. I feel music today does not make people feel connected or united or really take any political stance without people being critical and condemning certain artists. I praise those artists and hope to become recognized as one myself. I just want to show the world what things look like from my eyes. Since there is no eye-camera implant yet I have to rely on my two imperfect hands… well usually… I just record with one hand… but I hope after you watch a few of my videos… you might start to see how my eyes work.

One thought on “Five Years in Iraq


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