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I am sitting on a spearmint green metal folding chair in front of my nearly new computer. I have no couch, in its place there is a bed, there is no bed in the bedroom, we sleep in the living room. Do you like my logic? I watch food network before falling asleep, this produces […]



Vomit, unintelligible telephone conversations. You may have tried to change everything but I know, behind oversized sunglasses, your eyes are brown. You take them off from time to time to remind me briefly how we used to believe in magic. You wash your face in a marble sink a gravestone. Toothpaste epitaphs are grim, a […]



A drowsy twenty-something curled on a couch, complete with grey striped cat. Pillow purrs unconcerned with setting or forgetting Ronco Rotisseries,™ loading magic bullets or hiding evidence under beds in amazing, space-saving bags.

I will be controlled no longer by those who don’t practice what they preach. Those who turn their noses toward the heavens searching among clouds as I bend, before god, a worm contaminated. I ask forgiveness. Let go of past lives. Hate to believe dreams have no chance in this world. But this is only […]

I unscrew the top of strawberry lip gloss, waving the wand over pink lips. She slips the rubber band from her wrist gathering unruly hair into a ponytail. I follow on a narrow sidewalk.



Technicolor eyelashes drip, elfish ears are pink under a hot and heavy sun. Ruby beads stain a t-shirt, are covered by nervous laughter. We make conversation on a street dotted by lengths of chain-link fence, past overgrown yards with barking dogs.



A grey sky opened its mouth to yawn a small careless child ran the stop sign a red car collided with the body hurling it towards the lawn.

Sonny, Sunday


Oh how do you know what happens when we die? Brains bubble & cool on pavement. Mind jerks stretching out— hardening like a worm. I just can’t be dreaming as I walk each morning. Something about hearing music when headphones are forgotten. La de da de de, La de da de da… I tip-toe across […]



Speeding down a highway, fingers digg into dashboards. Pedals dent floorboards as tiny fists pound nails against veins. Hair mingles with breath, elbows strike pornographic poses, bodies become the entire horizon… the sun… illuminates from far away, a burning orb that blinds Inhibition, an outstretched hand recoils, dragging itself back to a dusty pocket. Reality, […]

The bathroom sink’s clogged with hair and toothpaste. I watch cooking shows late at night. Eggs always stick to non-stick pans. I soak in a caffeine buzz on the matress. I drool at meaningless possessions, a square flashcube hums before a ball rolls around the room and closes. Strange metallic sand. Salty afternoon with a […]


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