I’m sitting in our hotel room. What a shit hole. Luckily, we will be moving into a house *cross your fingers* and then we shall have a huge housewarming party! I also go back to school tomorrow after having a much needed but ill utilized break. Spring break to be specific. It’s not like I haven’t tried to catch up on all my homework I have just been so busy with other things and worried about where we will live next month which is rapidly approaching. I hope we can afford $950 x 2 for rent and a deposit… We will be living with other people but one is in California (will be out of the Marines in June) and the other is trying to find a job as we speak. I am not worried, they are good friends it is just a lot of money, more than I have ever been responsible for coming up with. We also don’t have a car at the moment so that makes things much more difficult. I ride the bus to work and starting tomorrow back to school again. I have never gotten below a B in college and don’t want to let myself and my family down. Luckily, my finance knows how hard I work and tells me everything will be alright. I just know I will be happier once we are in a place of our own. Well, a place for us and our friends to live and our families and friends to visit. Oh, also a place that my cat can live because I just couldn’t live without my cat!



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