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It seems like a silly title but it describes something I do all the time. I like to sit and think (whether in a sober state or otherwise) and generate memories and before long I have a million connections happening in my brain. It is my goal to write these down as I compile them […]

I’m sitting in the basement of the library and just smashed my left middle finger with a very heavy book. There is a group of irritating girls sitting around laptops surrounded by water bottles. Sometimes the monotony of college existence makes me want to shoot myself in the head. I’m pretty sure I’ll go in a […]

The sun blinds me through a window with no blinds as I lean over to examine this pale blue afternoon. A cat yet again sits on a plastic storage bin amid recently emptied boxes. 7:53 but a bee buzzes still near a tree, near my window. Three large pictures broken-up with: white window-latches, burgundy curtains, […]

No, that is not a type-o. No, I am not Chinese. Chinese American food is not Chinese. Fortune cookies are not Chinese. Children of Chinese immigrants are not Chinese, they are Chinese-American but I am not Chinese so this is not a matter that concerns me at all. What concerns me is simply and feverishly […]

I want to write a Harry Potter fan fic! I have always wanted to finish one and i think it is puurrfect considering the 6th movie will be coming out and I have already started my summer reading list which includes a lot of academic articles about the series. I lost some of the magic […]


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