Remembering by Association

It seems like a silly title but it describes something I do all the time. I like to sit and think (whether in a sober state or otherwise) and generate memories and before long I have a million connections happening in my brain. It is my goal to write these down as I compile them in order to write a poem or a short story from my past memories. I will use this post to add to the list as it grows or add new posts when appropriate!

Entries may range from lists to sentences to paragraphs but I hope they will allow me to piece together things I’ve lost over the years.

Thursday May 21: I got in trouble for not eating all my dinner in a timely fashion. Two incidents that stick out are the fish sandwich which DID have cheese on it (I did not want cheese and fought my parents insisting that there was cheese on it. They didn’t believe me and made me eat it anyway!) The second is the time I had already eaten earlier and wasn’t hungry. We were having Chow Mein which I really liked but I got in trouble and sent to my room crying.



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