When Working Doesn’t Work

I’m sitting in the basement of the library and just smashed my left middle finger with a very heavy book. There is a group of irritating girls sitting around laptops surrounded by water bottles. Sometimes the monotony of college existence makes me want to shoot myself in the head. I’m pretty sure I’ll go in a similar way but I have a lot of years to put in, can’t let all my future fans down. I have been playing with the idea of writing a novel over the summer but as novels are pretentious and very few people have time for a good long read these days I think a play, script, poetry collection, short story or fan fic would be better (and with the length cut in half I can work on multiple projects!)

I’m so excited for the Harry Potter movie this summer. It has given me something to look forward to. That’s why I thought about writing a hp fan fic to appease my nerdy interests (trust me there were far more embarrassing candidates for my fan fic project and I am still somewhat considering: Sailor Moon, Freaks and Geeks or Digimon fics)

I kind of want to stay away from scriptwriting due to the fact that I wrote one this last semester but now I have fun software that makes it really easy to format my work so maybe I will poke around that program and see what happens!

Short story ideas will be generated with glee (as I will need to draw from them for my fiction workshop this next semester!) I am at a crossroads in my life when it comes to fiction and non-fiction but I have decided that both can be achieved in the same piece if one is creative and honest enough!

In conclusion, I am lame and in order to stop being so lame I have decided to do something with my summer besides work and rot in the Rod Library… Wish me luck…


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