Closing Time aka Mandy’s Sanity Unravels!

Your attention please it is almost time to close, please pack the fuck up and get the fuck out! I have been sitting here 8 hours (omg) can’t believe it… my seat has fallen asleep… Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know how boring it is working in a library… during the summer : / Maybe i can see the sun over the 4th of July–happy birthday AMERICA (not the band) about time you started acting a little more mature. All these celebs are dropping like flies and Mandy keeps writing silly-willy-itty-bitty-little-blogs (on the side) FOR SHAME. You keep coming back for her charms (you’re so lucky) she will apologize now for stupid things she might type any second… Oh, and for all the silly things she thought before!


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