Last Day of June

It is beautiful outside, especially for an Iowa summer. We are just breaking into July which means fireworks!

I hope nobody blows their hands off but you can never be sure… I’m drinking (slightly) if you call two beers (one shotgunned) and a strawberry margarita slightly drinking… I have never been a heavy drinker but I feel I better prepare myself… sparks might fly tonight.

Not from me of course, but we are hanging out with Andy’s ex Nikki tonight and we just so happen to live with Andy and his new girlfriend so I have no idea how this is going to work out. He was sent to the store with change to get more booze.

If that isn’t the answer… We surely be fucked, sucked or on a trip for biscuits or some such nonsense.

I rarely drink and type… I wouldn’t call this writing exactly… I suppose it is letters arranged in sentences. Still it seems so insignificant but so does everything these days… everything so meaningless where I used to dream up meanings in everything.

Still, I hope the summer will be fun… we’ll see…


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