Apple Blossom Time (live)

there is no one sexier than jack white. i just thought i would share this and give you an idea why the white stripes have been my favorite band since i was like 15 years old and i saw the dead leaves video on late night mtv and watched the stripes on conan when he was still ON late night. growing up is hard to do but at least i’ve had idols like jack, kurt and hunter. i am in good literary hands for all three of these men are literary geniuses and we all know how i feel about the way jack and kurt can play a guitar. each of them represent the most important things in my life so far: honesty, beauty, and poetry. i want to share my favorite moments from my heroes and idols so that the world will not overlook or forget them and their contributions to me and generations of dreamers and artists and writers and ever silent observers. i hope everyone enjoys the new blog i will be tackling (a list-blog but one that will be full of the most interesting things i can think to write about, i hope you will join me there, oh my brothers) your humble narrator will make it all better and show you what real music can do to the gulliver once left to sodding warp in the like sticky mess of mind-goo. go forth and prosper and perspire oh my little sissies and brothers because tomorrow we might be knocking down the door and busting out of these chests, shit we might be buried up to our necks or worse. we might not get a chance to say goodbye, god knows it’s happened before, so let’s pretend for now that goodbye is now so we won’t miss the chance later after life has handed us its last tart lemon…


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