Jack White

The Dead Weather show was amazing! Better than I could have imagined! We were so close to the stage and it was a small-ish venue. Colorado was really fun (a bit stressful) and even though I didn’t see woody creek (or write in my freshly purchased journals) I have some great stories and memories and PICTURES! I feel this post is growing dull, why ever would anyone ever come here just to read what I’ve done… as if I live an interesting life… well at least for the moment I have some of you  fooled!

We did come home to our house trashed by two irresponsible teenagers (who are in the process of moving out of our house) but let’s not gratify them otherwise than to say that I may have been wrong for my too-quickly offered apology as neither of them seem worth their weight in beans at the moment…)

And we’re not talking magic beans! All in all, I dyed my hair, we made tie dye t-shirts, we saw The Dead Weather, we went to Casa Bonita, we camped in between two beautiful mountains and for all the worry and wear are soon to be rid of a few pests living in our attic… other than that, it has been a crazy summer what with all the storms and stuff… teachers used to forbid us to end a sentence with “stuff” but here in the real world (or at least a crappy little blog that no one cares about) stuff is perfectly understandable and it means A LOT…

btw in case you were wondering… yes Jack White was amazing! I can die happy now… sort of…


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