Education: Is it Worth the Money or Effort?

I am disappointed in my school and their decision to charge students a $100 surcharge when the nearest community college has found a way around a similar fee at their institution. This surcharge comes with additional increases in fees and tuition totaling over 6% for 2010-11!

“As a senior and a student employee (for most of my time at school) I have to ask you to not make us pay a surcharge. I read in the paper today that HCC students wouldn’t be charged a fee for their spring semester and they are suffering with the same cuts that we are. I have been following our school in the paper and am ashamed that students with sports scholarships are protected with a 2 million dollar donation to “preserve” only certain non-academic activities on a university campus when whole programs could get the axe. Shame on you for going ahead with all (even unnecessary) planned building projects plus the demolition of Baker hall (coincidentally the building my department is in.) I am under the burden of classes (which could be two weeks sorter with longer meeting times next semester) that are going to cost me more even when my bills are skyrocketing, the student loan companies are breathing down my neck and as a valued university employee I didn’t get my promised raise. I make a whopping 7.45 an hour, thirty cents less than I was making in food service. I understand that everyone is having difficulties but my point is that UNI should be a place for education, an environment where students can learn and work and not have to worry about footing the bill when departments and individuals insist on using more than their fair share. I just ask that my school do the right thing, before I am forced to leave it. I can not afford and REFUSE to pay for an education that has for the most part NOT BEEN WORTH THE MONEY OR EFFORT!”

One thought on “Education: Is it Worth the Money or Effort?

  1. Our student tuition is still lower than all the other regent universities in Iowa. UNI has an excellent educational program for the amount we are lucky to pay. $100 surcharge is quite small and I was actually shocked to hear they weren’t going to increase tuition by $500 or even $1000. UNI receives less private and federal money than the other two regent universities, and so cuts like these place an added burden on our institution.

    I was part of a student committee that proposed to create differential tuition for the College of Business. Our financial burden is substantially larger than any other program on campus because of the prevailing wage of business teachers in America. We raised our department’s tuition because we need the money to keep quality professors and programs. We believed that our education is so excellent, that we would more than re-coop that money after graduation. Our Business college is just as good as Iowa’s, and thousands less.

    Education is privilege, not a right. There is no entitlement to a college degree and if you want one, then you must be willing to pay the price. One last note: UNI is not a community college, and therefore can command a higher tuition price because of its quality. If you truly believe that UNI isn’t worth the money or effort, than you should transfer to HCC or drop out altogether.



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