The Missing Pot

this song was honestly inspired by missing beans, and they are dearly missed… the word “Recurrence” was accidentally pasted there by me but i thought it was interesting and left it in. the slashes are from when i left the document open and my cat jumped on the keyboard and scared the crap out of me in the middle of the night! it is kind of a funny blues song… enjoy :)

In the Kitchen, top of the stove, I left ’em,
in the Kitchen, on top of the stove, left ’em there I know,
but they gone now, I got the missing bean pot blues…


Have you seen ’em? I haven’t seen a lima or string.
I bet that by now them baked beans turned green.
Looked high, looked low, in the cabinets, cupboards, stove.
Someone must’ve snatched ’em up… maybe they just disappeared…

The man that hit our mail box, won’t listen to my woes,
curse the one who misplaced them, unless it was a


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