YouTube: Commericals and Zombies!

This is your friendly neighborhood YouTuber and like all things my affections can be purchased with your loyal viewing of my horrifyingly lame videos. Come on down and tell ’em blastedgoat sent ya but I think it’s only fair to warn you that by reading this or viewing my videos you are, in effect, selling your soul to the devil, by which I mean me.  Someday, life as we know it, the internet as we know it will end. This is already happening. Please think about every caption or advertisement they allow to overshadow our creative endeavors and ask yourselves if it’s worth it. Why do we spend more money on advertising than on solving diseases or building useful things? I for one am sick of living in a world that is congested with commercials and saturated in spam. We have a country falling apart from the inside and still nothing better to talk about than Jon and Kate plus 8, Brittney Spears’ vagina, and creepy 50-year-old men that like to touch little boys. MICHAEL JACKSON ISN’T DEAD, HE’S JUST PLANNING ONE HELL OF A ZOMBIE COMEBACK TOUR!!


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