Mandy on “Candy”

I just watched a really awesome movie called “Candy.” It made me realize that the kind of life I’m bound to have is one of the “drug addict” variety, not that I am going to be on drugs necessarily, but that my life will have moments of extreme bliss followed by periods of despair. The perpetual movement of my soul causing restlessness in everything around me. I will bump into others (pushing them on or off course a bit more) ultimately changing while not changing… being enlightened and mislead, living and dead all the same time. I long for strong connections with even more devastating break-aways. I’m not unfaithful, only faithful to myself (after brief lapses of becoming who the “great other” tells me to be, listen… he’s telling you too…)

I say learn to bleep your enemies, or at least to tell them to bleep off! Oh well, this is never making it on freshlypressed or to anyone’s eyes in general so learn to fucking bleep your enemies, or at least to tell them to fuck the bleep off!!

Surrender the pie, save the communist! Kill the ducks, save the taxidermy stuffed duck’s increasing demand and the burden of an unmet supply for the “supply” part of “supply and demand” AND SHAT ON OUR COUNTRIES ECONOMIZ PROGRESS in the LAST 300 YEARS… excuse me, I think I started blacking out there… was I speaking internetese?

BACON KILLS INNOCENT Kevin Bacons…. please put an end to assisted suicides for people who have acted in or enjoyed Kevin Bacon movies, especially footloose, what a rubbery sack of snot. Kevin bacon is a terrible person and killed me “grand pap” in Vietnam or as i calls it “yams” cause hey… *shimmy* who in the hell doesn’t like yams?

::crawls on floor:: Tim Pieper Tim Pieper Tim Pieper Tim Pieper Tim Pieper…

Time Pie Prrrr…

I believe this all began with the introduction of drugs to mammals so fuck the Camels, PASS THE WEED!!!

*note: I was more than likely on drugs while this was occurring and I apologize for those looking for a good movie review, I might make one for real. Like for reaaallly real.

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