What if BP did it on purpose?

This is just a thought, but what if BP really did it? What if they made this disaster on purpose in order to gain more oil in a shorter period of time. They certainly don’t seem concerned with stopping the flow, just collecting the crude-water. Does anyone know how much the rig was able to collect per year before and how much they stand to collect now? (As they clean the entire Ocean, or at least the parts they can sop up and re-sell us!)

Energy giant BP announced this week it will donate its share of the proceeds generated by selling the oil captured from the well to fund efforts to protect and restore wildlife habitat along the Gulf Coast.

The company has not released specifics on how the fund will work and said it doesn’t know how much money might be raised — but once the oil is brought to shore, it will creep into the world’s economic supply chain unnoticed by consumers. MSNBC.com RAY HENRY AP

4 million gallons of crude siphoned off leaking well using tubes and caps.
18 million gallons skimmed from the ocean surface. (Skimmed liquid is generally only 10 to 15 percent oil)

Once that crude hits a refinery, the oil could end up in a wide array of fuels and products including gasoline, diesel, heating oil, asphalt and plastic — including the bags used at grocery stores, the cases for cell phone and microwaves. It also can be used as raw feed for chemical companies.

I find it disgusting how many Americans don’t care about this tragedy. I find their self-centered reasons even worse: general apathy, blind greed and a subscription to our consumerist society. In short, the things that probably caused this disaster in the first place. We destroy the planet with lax laws on companies who seek to do her harm and the last two wars we have fought boiled down to oil and maintaining our “Texas-sized” American way of life.

“I think it’s an eye-opening experience for people who don’t give it much thought when they finally realize how much their lives depend on oil.” Julius Langlinais, professor emeritus of petroleum engineering at Louisiana State University.


Please read the original article and as many other diverse resources you can find. BP is buying space on all the search engines so you are directed to their company’s site when you search “oil spill.” I noticed this ad when I searched for “MSNBC” on Yahoo so be careful when looking for credible information.

note: NPR (National Public Radio– http://www.npr.org/) and AP (Associated Press–http://www.ap.org/) are always excellent resources. If you have a Nintendo Wii with internet capabilities the AP streams news directly on your TV (a nice trick when you get rid of cable and don’t have a converter box to get even local news channels!)

Other concerns:

BP plans to boost ability to directly capture oil gushing from the well by early next week. (up to 420,000 gallons of oil daily)

It’s unclear how much the captured oil will be worth once it’s sold. Oil was trading around $74 a barrel Friday, but BP officials said they expect to get a lower price than normal because the oil captured from the leak is laced with methanol. (BP is injecting methanol as an antifreeze into the inside of the containment cap sitting over the gushing well to prevent the buildup of an ice-like slush that can clog the pipes.)

Under its operating agreement, BP gets 65 percent of the net revenue made by selling oil from the leak site. After deducting for royalty payments owed to the government, it will donate its share of the proceeds to the wildlife fund.

So they are still going to make money, and a lot of it. They keep the true extent of the spill hidden view and are allowed to pass off the tainted oil to their consumers? I understand they are giving money back to the areas they obliterated, but it still seems unfair to me, where is their punishment? That seems more like a business deal with a fake charity front. I am keenly interested in this area and will give you the basics on any future research I do. As always, please research this topic yourself and let me know what you discover (be sure to cite your source so anyone can catch up and weigh in on the discussion!) If we are ever going to fix this problem we need as many informed individuals as we can get!


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