Kevin Costner: Ocean of Dreams, Dances with BP or Oilworld?

Kevin Costner, one of the first “stars” spotted in the Gulf coast has introduced a ‘dream machine’ that will separate oil from water. Some are calling it the Deepwater Horizon spill, some the Gulf oil spill and others still call it BP’s mess (all are accurate) but what they aren’t talking about is that many people, stars and local citizens alike have been turned away by BP. I have read reports that volunteers have been turned away and that interviews were being interfered with on public beaches. I would like to thank Mr. Costner for not giving up and at least giving us hope, a ‘dream machine’ is surely what we need now. Read this article from the Guardian below for details and see my response to this story and others within the week below…

“At its core, my dream, this machine, was designed to give us a fighting chance to fight back the oil that has got us by the throat.”

Costner invested more than $20m in development. In Congress last week he admitted his company has been working on this technology for the past 17 years, but said he had been blocked by red tape. BP bought the devices and is testing them ‘to see whether they could handle the oil that has been pouring into the Gulf and triggered the worst environmental catastrophe in American history. Each machine, called a V20, is said to be capable of separating 210,000 gallons of oily water a day.’

I find it interesting that BP won’t stop the oil (or prevent the disaster beforehand with simple safety measures) but it will wait around (failing) for two months and then finally let some people help with the cleanup. My roommate is unemployed and received a piece of paper with job information relating to oil cleanup near the Mississippi river. They want to ship the unemployed from the Midwest to clean up the mess they won’t allow their local citizens to? They will pay (mostly) desperate workers from one area of the country while they have caused many more to be out of work because they wanted to skim profits and oil? I am not saying the rest of the country shouldn’t be helping but when an Earthquake hit Haiti there we were, our television cameras and text-a-donation bullshit tagging along. Most people I talk to have only a vague idea as to what’s happening, if they are aware at all.

Our blind acceptance and worship of oil is so ingrained that some still think offshore drilling is a good thing. Frick Sarah Palin in the arse, seriously. I think they already made a film about that and more Americans have probably seen that compared to ones who have read an article about the oil spill.

WAKE UP, AMERICA! Everyone hates us even if they won’t admit it. They hate us because we pull crap like this and then try to blame it one everyone but who should be blamed, ourselves. We all drive cars because bikes and buses are inconvenient? Well, make them more convenient! We buy pounds of plastic at Wal-mart and then don’t even have the decency to recycle it. We throw it on our land or toss it in the nearest ocean.

STOP. Stop and think for one second. Reuse something, buy toilet paper that doesn’t kill trees, become informed on one topic and DO SOMETHING. Do something to contribute and not just deplete. Don’t be so cynical because maybe next time it will be you covered in oil. I already feel as though my hands are saturated, because I drive my car, use old appliances and am forever surrounded by brightly colored plastic crap.

I remember as a child I was concerned with cutting the plastic rings from six packs of soda because my teacher told me baby ducks could be strangled by them. My question now is why plastic holders end up in our oceans in the first place, (where they break down into oil and poison the water) wouldn’t it be better to recycle everything we can so we don’t have to drill as much oil or dispose of as much of it on our beautiful planet? I didn’t grow up that long ago, the 1990s, and then recycling was all the rage. Maybe my parents were just hippie-leftovers and maybe I am too, but I do know I care about this and I wish more of my fellow Americans did too…

What ever happened to Jimmy Carter? Maybe we should be doing more now to clean up this spill but maybe YOU ALL should have done something when you COULD HAVE, but then you were too busy getting nice and fat saturating our society with oil.

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