What Should I Do Next? You Decide!

Music makes me remember the time we… yeah. It won’t let me forget what I was like when I was young. I hear a song from ten years ago and the words press on my chest between the rhythm of the song and the beating of my heart. I discover something new nearly everyday and I live for that discovery. I attend massive amounts of concerts from the past via the internet and formulate reading and play-lists that are nothing to sneeze at. I watch movie after movie and have taken class after class… I’m actually starting to feel like I know what I’m talking about.

I will try my hand at reviews for: music, books, plays, films, YouTube original content and much more. I don’t have cable so one thing you will not find is much current television however a new season of the IT Crowd might be viewable online and as always anything on Netflix is fair game. ::hugs her Nintendo Wii which continues to bring her the X-Files, Arrested Development, My Name is Earl, News Radio and countless other classic television shows, thank you!

I am definitely not a tech snob, I don’t own an iphone or intend to but I do have a neat collection of typewriters, classic video games, tons of vinyl and antique cameras! If you are looking for alternative/nerdy inspiration look no further I have many eclectic interests, something good is bound to pop out sooner or later!

Here are some things I have been considering. Feel free to recommend things I should get to first or things I should add. Once I write them I will post their links here!


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