Parking lots, lockers, a million high schools blurred into one.

Twisted hallways, tiny dark classrooms, chalkboards filled.

Unfamiliar names, dates, words.

Failing to understand but beginning to notice

people from reality. Missing teeth are bloody treasures

captured in multicolored plastic treasure chests.

I must put these real memories and even more to rest.

Amusement parks with Ferris wheels, dizzy rides and never ending slides

spring up allowing me time to hide before we drive drunk  or high on highways,

down gravel roads, or across collapsing bridges.

Every time we swerve flying through windshields waking

raking air into breaking lungs. Impossible deaths!

Imprints of life, at least once interpreted upon awakening…

It goes on like that every night until I hear the click of a grimy white string

ending up in amalgamations of all my bedrooms.

I get so lost, confused. Then my mind turns to you, then, blank.

Smiling in a sleepy state, demons set to rest until I wake.



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