Dare to Dream, Escape, Become

I’ve been listening to a lot of new music to escape the crappy life of not being able to pay bills or get much of what I want… I want to be a film editor but I’m not sure how, or if, that’s possible. I long to interpret, rearrange, and put together cohesive artistic visions consisting of images, sounds and (usually) words.

There’s so much out there that I don’t know about so many activities. I am sure there are, too, talents that I am unaware that I have or even that I possibly lack and will never posses. To think, once I was a precocious eleven year old, loud and full of life.

When did I get so quiet in certain situations? Will I ever cease to be… so…strange? Look at me! I’ve been rambling now for paragraphs and I’ve never even asked for your name! How rude of me… Or, perhaps, you prefer to be known as just a stranger. I could make one up for you but, fictional names rarely sound real. Authenticity is a practice out of fashion for the moment but, a true poet can still recall a noise uttered briefly in a dream about a dead dog, years afterward…

One thought on “Dare to Dream, Escape, Become


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