Jackass 3D

If you have seen the entire Jackass television series as well as its predecessors (CKY) and spin-offs (Wild Boyz/Viva La Bam/Bam’s Unholy Union) then you probably can only begin to understand these guys.

Behind the brutality of Bam there is a sensitive, overcompensating pro-skater who edited and filmed much of CKY. This series of early skate videos featured: more music (sometimes a la Bam’s brother’s band, of the same name or artists Bam and others involved listened to: HIM, Bjork, Bloodhound Gang), humorous musical shorts like “Mustard Man”, colorful wordplay via the very strange Brandon DiCamillo  (Bran) in “Bran’s Rap”, stunts and some gross out moments in between artistically directed skating shots and breathtaking montages set in beautiful places.

I could (and probably will) expand this review in the future. Overall, I am interested in these individuals and in their continued popularity. I find a few of the bits extremely disgusting (think the sweat suit skit from the newest installment) but they actually manage to tackle some issues like: violence, male bonding and homosexuality while providing viewers with many instances of full frontal nudity which are rare when compared to the abundance of female full frontal in film.

I will conclude with my favorite line from James Frazier’s review: “Editing this must be just a touch more pleasant than putting together a Holocaust documentary.”As an editor I find that statement funny and probably somewhat true. Do remember though, that ladies can like Jackasses, too!

This was only the second movie I have seen in 3D (the first was Toy Story 3) because I don’t like to pay $30 to see a damn movie but the beginning sequence and several others made it worth the price of the silly glasses (which I kept) so if you are weary of 3D this is a good one they really push the form in some ridiculous ways!


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