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Missel Toes


I have no idea why I chose that title it just sort of popped so I’m sure it’ll work its way into our conversation. You: never call me back, never read my drafts. I want what I can’t have, have been known to take a drag. Queen bee me: looking endlesslessly through blue-green eyes. I […]

I have been having really strange dreams. Dreams where I am trying to snap a picture of my dead cat. She is never dead in my dream even if she is sleeping under a foot of snow and inches of dirt in my Grandmother’s backyard. Sometimes her leg is maimed, other times she is blurry […]

Father forgive me for I have not blogged… but I do have a bad back you know. I have been working and baking AND forgetting to get it on film. Forgive me. I have multiple days off in a row. Yes, count em, four! Four wondrous days off to recuperate and relax and get down […]

Pucker Up


I was dilly dallying and didn’t make my midnight deadline to blog for the 17th but it was so called for after the day I just had. It wasn’t horrible… just long. I have two days off in a row coming up followed by three in a row for the holiday, a most rare occurrence. […]

Trouble w/ Coke


This kitty is named Trouble and he is enjoying his very white Christmas… and  this very empty Coke box… It was too cute, I just had to share. He also likes to steal plastic bags or anything else we leave on the floor and make a toy out of it, silly boy!  

V.1 PROSE-ISH Spark remembrance from Technicolor dreams. More clues than mystery novels, much more difficult to read. Don’t recall the last time you called but recount encounters on counters, chairs and floors imaginatively. Plan to wrap this up, out with the new in with the old. Be compassionate and patient. This just might be a […]

We ventured to Hy-Vee on a bus today and I picked up some yummy treats to test out for holiday get-togethers. I will let you know what was easy and take pictures… if it doesn’t disappear first! I will amend this entry with my creations (hopefully) for the night: Lemon Bars and Dark and Light […]



10,023 people accidentally ended up here… finally! I will gather my thoughts and be with you shortly… now I celebrate! Today was an extremely strange day and I want to do it justice. It all began at sometime around 10 am and is just wrapping up at midnight. I plan on staying up late into […]

Story Untold


I wrote this a few days ago. I like to record myself reading poems and then rearrange the words a bit. I may choose to edit this some more but I like where it’s going. This is random footage from the fall of 2010. It includes a lot of me around my place and a […]

Ginger ♥


This is my kitty, she will be missed dearly by me. This song is A True Story of a Story of True Love by The Books, they are an awesome band. (Did you see their link in the music section on the right side of my blog?) I am working on several poetry videos to […]

Toe The Line


Apologies for missing a day of my blog. I got paid. Dyed my mother’s hair before taking her to the store to buy milk. Drank and sang karaoke with my friend from out of town and paid a visit to some kitty cats and an old friend that I haven’t seen in a while who […]



Just think: what is this new machine? What happens between a key and its effect? I can manipulate read what I want, think what I want.   First, I could only play chess. Now, I have artificial intelligence that stretches between rapidly moving fingertips.   Words form between us actions have no sound: right-click, close […]

I have probably thrown away those “standing for Obama” stickers,  I know the blue painters tape is looong gone. Zach may have even ripped that exact DEX telephone directory in two. We gave the kitchen table to Kasey and Emily who don’t use it very much either. I tucked the worn purple collar Emily bought […]


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