A Few Loose Ends

I frequently leave little bits of things written in margins or in random text documents. Every once in a while I like to go back through and find things that have potential. This is the beginning of a poem (it still doesn’t seem finished to me) but what do you think?

“I didn’t see you last night,” I said, “Which was strange

we were supposed to be meeting our friend.”

I called twenty five times,

really more like four

from a blue moon room,

then, a cypress lounge

where hissing and slurring strangers

all seemed to know me by name.

I have gotten out of the habit of writing and drawing in public which usually yields different results than musing in solitude or in a familiar place. My goal for this week is to get a new journal (or designate one of the countless I already have) and venture somewhere new to write and or draw. I will post anything worthwhile here. I found this in response to an activity we did for Death and Dying when I was a senior in college, it sparked my memory:

“Last night I gave myself a break from everything to draw. I bought a heavy duty drawing book and filled 4 or 5 pages with whatever was on my mind. I used pencil, pens, colored pencils, highlighters (pretty much every art supply I could find). I ended up writing a little, mostly about my concerns about school and money troubles but I also made up characters that reminded me of friends or people I knew. It was very therapeutic and I will continue to work on the drawings I started and add more to the book over time. I have frequently kept journals where I can write or draw and this time the entire page is empty and ready for whatever I’m feeling. I find harmony when drawing intricate designs or filling in backgrounds with my signature spirals. This is an activity that I have shared with a few close friends but I am usually pretty private about my drawing in public places and yet I find it oddly liberating to draw in front of strangers when the proper mood is struck. Art is one way to learn about a person and by looking at my drawings a person could sure tell a lot about me.”


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