Commental: A Blog of Mental Comments

I am a big fan of reading, even reading stupid comments on YouTube and around the net. Here are some funny, scary, informative or otherwise interesting comments I stumbled across. I will be sure to add more as I find them and I am working on a comment oriented blog called: Commental: A Blog of Mental Comments

I work at Subway, please pray for me!

Me too!

Names were erased to protect the pathetic…

…and so are you!

Self explanatory!

I love this one beyond belief…

So glad they are hitting their target audience…? I just love how us US Americans always be “unitin”

“Fear and Self-Loathing on YouTube”

I concur, fuck this Dave fellow!

Scooby Doo is our newest Sandwich Artist! He’s way better than that fat guy who got “aids” in South Park, Co.

Thank you for that one and, I think I might… a vote for Palin just might make all of us disappear a little sooner, don’tcha know?

Nd im speakless wit no thing to sayz… Datz fux upt!! Butt aides sects iz hotta fer reals…

I sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended by my blog post today but blogs are much like opinions, comments and assholes, everyone has them, wants to share them and can’t keep them out of your face… eh?? I promise I will write something of substance tomorrow because it is my day off. No more screwing around and posting something just to have one post every day for the rest of 2010. (Even if life is mostly filled with silly crap like this). Every once in a while it’s good to get the bullshit out of the way and maybe learn a little in the process. I learned that my company is hated on the internet, Aids seckz is so much betr and, mostly, that people will write just about anything on the internet and someone, somewhere just might read it. (And in my case they make a screen cap of it in order to make fun of or ponder upon on it later!)

Remember, tomorrow=a well thought out and thought provoking blog entry (I hope!)


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