South Park Moment

I think I’ve learned something today… I learned that maybe jokes are not as funny when they are converted into status form… or maybe I’ve learned that technology has made us forget any sense of humor we might have otherwise had… or maybe… I learned… who the fuck cares? I hate when random people comment on random things you have to say as if you care what they think but that also means that I might think people care what I think but maybe they have missed the point completely and I really don’t care what anybody thinks and I just like talking to myself!! Maybe I really didn’t learn anything today but I do kind of want to watch some Food Network (sadly I don’t have cable) while exercising with my shake-weight (shit, I don’t have one of those either…) Guess I’m going to have to turn the other cheek… or just get rid of all those irritating, nosey, Facebook “acquaintances.” If you were wondering the incident (although there have been several in the past) was related to the new “Facebook Child Abuse Awareness Campaign,” I simply wrote: “hey everyone, let’s plagiarize things from the eighties!” as a joke because I think changing your picture or clicking a stupid link or playing a pointless waste-of-time-game has literally done nothing for any cause, ever. I noticed everyone changing their photo to some random cartoon character, mostly from the 80’s and 90’s and decided I had no interest in stealing artwork from plastic-crap marketing geniuses and cereal selling sellouts… even if I love cartoons I hate the commercials they made so popular. Someone, one of these half-assed Facebook “friends” told me to lighten up and mind you this person is a teacher, or teacher in training… anyhow that is not the kind of person who should take plagiarizing “lightly” even if I was joking and they failed to grasp that fact. I simply replied: “oh i am light as a feather i just think most of those things were made by grownups to sell us cereal and cheap plastic toys, i still love some of them though :)” because I do… and I don’t hate children or want them to be abused but seriously people, Facebook is one of the most self-indulgent things in our society next to Black Friday and I-Phones and none of those things is going to help children, ever.


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