Patiently Waiting For Your Attention

Please be patient and wait until the end.

You will see your degree go down by degrees

in the sea of commitment and judgment we

have been in for a decade or so. I sense

there is already conflict occurring there. Hence

by sufficient assembly we can re-weigh

our options. Liability is cause for public

laughter but that is not a simple answer.

We assume you wish to simply avoid

the survey, pass to the conclusion that exists long after

we feel each chance slip away. I am happy knowing you

possibly would partake in this competition,

as I have so patiently waited in line,

sat in this parked car and waited for you to cut

my pupil and wash me in the river. I will supply

you with all the truthful context you can shake a leaf at.

We were in Key West, I was available. You kissed me

under your rural hair. This brought a central steadiness

to my insides. I knew exactly how strong a mountain was

and how easily it can get damaged in the bloody rages of its mother,

Earth. Actually it isn’t necessarily quite as happy as it seems.

They hold hands while you dream dreams. The poor fools:

the program is meant to make you spend and seem very out of proportion.

At least I have become more aware of that since my recent observation.

She will display this one on the wall while she models out of style clothing

in the mirror despite knowing no encouragement can bring yesterday back.

Her eyes are as black as coal, she remains a steady officer but her tone is

most impatient. He senses the end of a journey and takes careful stock over

establishing what is hers and what is his. This is the sad, sad story of too

many ones. I like to call myself the recycler of spam, what is its purpose?

Maybe there isn’t one for once.


What you have just witnessed is a “spam poem” here was the original comment: International End, degree agency after quickly sea already there commitment judge decade conflict hence by assembly sufficient assume option liability public answer avoid ought survey pass conclusion exist after chance feel line happy line possibly park competition simply river cut context usual pupil reply wash supply available leaf truth key west under rural hair central bring inside quite exactly strong establish mountain as stock actually necessarily hardly bring damage poor bloody program spend proportion since happy despite know will encourage over while few coal officer tone observation display wall model journey style that yesterday patient

btw I am still counting this for the 7th since my internet is so slow it posted one minute after I clicked. I guess it is my fault for waiting so late to post… but… someone was using my computer ::glare:: and my car died at work tonight. It’s been an interesting evening… Other than that is was a good day. More writing soon!

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