Toe The Line

Apologies for missing a day of my blog. I got paid. Dyed my mother’s hair before taking her to the store to buy milk. Drank and sang karaoke with my friend from out of town and paid a visit to some kitty cats and an old friend that I haven’t seen in a while who gave me a marvelous gift!  Here is a poem I wrote to earn your forgiveness. Happy Holidays! More seasonal inspired material coming, including fun homemade gift ideas and pictures of snow from here in jolly old Iowa.

I breathed a sigh of relief hanging my head
by your Christmas wreath.

We could duet the way we would when we were
younger, remaining aloof, frame by frame.

Lenses between us:
obstruct us,
watch us,
stop us,
censor hands,
add invisible strings to smiles.

So tired of pulling, trying to be
anything other than the way I am.

I ask, if just for now, keep me on your brain.
Soon, we might just get the chance to be the next in line.


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