Ginger ♥

This is my kitty, she will be missed dearly by me. This song is A True Story of a Story of True Love by The Books, they are an awesome band. (Did you see their link in the music section on the right side of my blog?)

I am working on several poetry videos to post tomorrow and generating more holiday related things. I may miss a few days here and there or miss my deadline by a few hours but I am feeling good and want to continue trying to write everyday (and hopefully I will continue to have at least one thing worth publishing per day!)

It is snowing right now and my boyfriend is caught in the middle of nowhere (he was giving our roommate a ride to work) so we shall see what the night brings. I rarely have my place all to myself… well mostly to myself, I think my brother might be home but he lives in the basement. Anyway, I hope everyone stays warm tonight, it’s freezing here!


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