10,023 people accidentally ended up here… finally! I will gather my thoughts and be with you shortly… now I celebrate! Today was an extremely strange day and I want to do it justice. It all began at sometime around 10 am and is just wrapping up at midnight. I plan on staying up late into the night pondering. What else would one do with a Tuesday off? I might have to take the bus to get where I want to go (long, cold story) but I will end up where I am meant to be at the time I am meant to get there and hopefully with the one or ones I am supposed to be with. I’m not ruling anything out.

More, I will add more to this entry as the night goes on, my loves!

The next day: I apologize, I meant to get up and keep blogging but my bed was calling to me. No excuses tonight, I am updating this entry and trying to formulate another but I did a lot of thinking while riding on the bus today so I should have no problem generating an original post for your reading pleasure.

I actually got to take the bus today and it was amazing, there was no wait. We just kind of walked up to the bus stop and it appeared! It was a magical day of eating at a Mongolian Grill, walking around a mall with half the stores missing and making a grocery trip to Hy-Vee for holiday treats. Yesterday, I missed my bus entirely and had to work for nine hours so I would call today a tremendous success.

It was cold but carrying groceries in the snow was a good workout and I had good company and ran into a few interesting characters. All in all, a perfect winter day of taking the bus!



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