Pucker Up

I was dilly dallying and didn’t make my midnight deadline to blog for the 17th but it was so called for after the day I just had. It wasn’t horrible… just long. I have two days off in a row coming up followed by three in a row for the holiday, a most rare occurrence. What writing shall occur in those days I cannot say but let us hope it will be plentiful and at least somewhat amusing to you. I am sure it will be amusing to myself, why the fuck do you think I write this blasted blog?

I thought you might like to see who I am and, being that I am getting drunk with Apple Pucker I feel obliged to share a few unnecessary things with you.

First, I am only a social drinker and mostly a very happy one. I am sure I border on the line of irritating but that is no matter when my friends are more intoxicated than I. I think it makes me more tolerable but I don’t do it often because my mother and biological father were both alcoholics. In fact, my mother has serious problems with her liver… among a lot of other things.

(I will add to this list as I get more tired/drunk as I usually don’t write while intoxicated… with alcohol anyway…)

Second, I spend way too much time on YouTube! What am I doing? Mostly looking for new music or reminiscing about better times with old favorites. I also watch a lot of documentaries and research silly things like prescription drugs ads, subliminal messages and current events. Those things don’t have a lot to do with each other… until drunk Mandy makes a documentary about subliminal messages in prescription drug ads that runs on a current events segment ::YIKES:: I have not edited myself since I got past half the bottle… better read this one in the morning to make sure I haven’t divulged my social security number or any other very important secrets… and… still… I drink! (and soon, consciousness pending, WRITE!!) If you count blogging as writing. I do, I consider it the lazy writer-man’s exercise. Yes, I said man, screw of feminists, I HAVE TITS!

Third, I totally discovered some awesome new bands tonight: The Raveonettes and The Cinematics and a really great song by The Spill Canvas. I also rediscovered a few tunes by Sister Hazel (I didn’t like it all but what are you going to do?) My favorite thing is when I think I am done listening I will click on one more related video and my mind will be blown out of the fucking water! Then I add about a million more songs and that keeps me going for hours. I use music to relax… but hey, this drinky drink is helping too… I should think about turning in though… starting to get a headache from these damned earphones! I will think about all this tomorrow and hopefully still like all the songs I favorited! GOOD NIGHT, GOOD NIGHT!



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