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True lovers. Really true lovers, like the kinds you find in fairy tales. They may be unrealistic. Heroes and heroines rarely if ever stand up against evil, at least to the greatest evils: poverty, starvation, debt, classism, serfdom, slavery and genocide. All of these things continue to exist in our world due to a disproportionate […]

poetry STORM


A compilation of poems I wrote last autumn/this winter… Please let me know what you think and get ready for some brand spanking new poetry in the coming weeks! Video is a bit strange, like its maker :D I breathed a sigh of relief hanging my head by your Christmas wreath. We could do it […]

You know those flowers you picked for me? The ones that rested on the windowsill since spring? They’re nearly dead. Only a few pale yellow petals hold on, their cup full– of spidery threads woven around moldy stems.

I didn’t have enough money for books my first semester of college and my school loans were thirty days from my bank account so I got my first credit card. Five years and some odd months later I have a few more credit cards, a few loans and a lot of bills going into delinquency, […]

Trippy Trees


Tonight on BLASTEDGOAT we will join our post already in progress from the library I used to work at on the campus of the university I used to attend once I leave my house and drive there! ::travel music:: Well here I am at the library and someone has just dropped a book. We had […]

Goodbye Bandit


But he can be found forever in my thoughts, photographs and now this blog via this YouTube video: He was a good old dog and he lived with my Dad. We got him when my parents were still together, when I was just becoming a teenager. I will use this post and the bandit category […]



Do you only notice weirdness in its absence? REAL SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK, now that would be tiiiiiight! Six point eight billion people on this planet and six point eight billion minus one are never right! BUY PENIS ENLARGEMENT NOW!!! But, beware of four hour boners unless you are trying to impress four x the lovers! […]

I don’t have my little kitty around to take any more photos with me but I have a lot of old footage I plan on grabbing pictures from… some people might call this unhealthy but I probably had an unhealthy relationship with my cat before she died and it hasn’t changed much in the few […]

That is the newest YouTube video by Jon Lajoie. And to think, I’ve met this nice young Canadian fellow. I own his first album and am going to get the second very soon. He came to Iowa and drew a picture of himself in my drawing book. I got video of him talking/performing and put […]

BLASTEDGOAT is giving herself homework! Or at least some sort of blog/writing schedule. When she was still in school she was the kind of gal who looked forward to registration day. She always felt it gave her a new sense of direction. She wants to submit suitable things to journals and she’s also building a […]

I cut half a loaf of french bread on a bias. I melt butter, garlic and onion powder together and use a glazing brush to coat both sides. I sprinkle parsley and bake at 350 until it’s slightly browned. After turning each of the pieces over I add toppings like: Pizza sauce, mushrooms, tomatoes, oregano, […]


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