Missing the Train of Thought Completely

Well I didn’t quite make my goal of posting every day for the rest of the year but I did have quite a few posts in December 2010! I have a lot of material that is bursting from my fingers and just waiting to be edited and posted so I think 2011 will be an even better year for this blasted blog!

I visited my kitty today, my puppy, dad, grandma, and mom as well! It was a full day of helping family get groceries and making a meal for my roommates. I still have more plans for the night and I wanted to include blogging in them. I will try to post something every single day of 2011 but as December has taught us I am bound to miss a few here and there. The most important part is that I generate quality posts and get things off my mind. Sometimes I might even share what I cooked that night or something I saw or heard that had an affect on me.

There! It just happened again. I am forever interrupted! People really wonder why things never get finished? I have to steal these moments away in order to record any part of my day or meaningless thought in my brain… oh well, I suppose there is always tomorrow to blog that utterly fantastic article that makes people chew on their home row keys and drool into their mother boards. I am a sloppy, drunk, idiot at the moment! I am drinking from a little green bottle embellished with a fucking woodchuck for Christ’s sake! I should be at a rock show, knocking back sugary drinks and salty smiles but I am at home with only plans for hours from now. What’s a girl to do on the first day of the year? What’s a girl to do ever in this town? I need a new job. Or just a new life… only this one is just so fucking comfortable… oh well, more tomorrow when I’m not tipping back queer, squirrel sponsored beers.



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