Hate 2010? ♥ 2011!


It’s time to make some resolutions… let’s see what Mandy pulls out of the hat this year!

New Job: Something fun or at least mildly entertaining that will allow me to pay back some of my horrendous debt… Between college and being a poor Subway employee I need all the help I can get at the moment. (Thinking of shelving at my local library or writing scholarly/journalistic articles for extra cash!)

New Skill: Knitting will be the first of many, I hope! My goal is to finish a project and make enough to sell (maybe even enough to finance a trip to Canada/California/Colorado in the summer!) I bought two knitting books at a consignment shop my friend Emily works at today so that should give me a start. My first project is a purple scarf for my mom’s birthday in February. That should give me enough time to finish the massive button-enhanced mega scarf I have planned!

New Concert Stub: Who will it be? The White Stripes, Julian Casablancas, or perhaps Electric Six... again?? I will be attending at least one concert this year but I’m willing to try for as many as possible!

New Recipe: I’ve been cooking up a storm lately! I’ll share my best recipes and ideas on this blog complete with yummy pictures and occasionally (when I am properly motivated and prepared) step-by-step how-to videos!

New Video: And not just those cat videos of the past!  Look for original poetry, music and short films. Maybe a new video editing program will be in order… and perhaps a new camera (not that I don’t adore my old camera. As far as click and shoot digi-cameras goes she is a tough old antique… and extremely sexy) but I would like a little more recording potential as well as better sound equipment.

New Look: Just a wee bit of a haircut (most likely self-administered) and several shades of red hair dye throughout the year, I’m sure. I want to dress the way I like when I don’t have to be in my lame work uniform. Note that the new job I desire (see resolution #1) will hopefully not have such an irritating uniform or ideally, none at all. I will also learn to make a lot of items I need like socks and scarves and hats!

I will add to this list as I become more ambitious. Now I am off to do something I haven’t added to this list yet, watch/listen to more comedians. Tonight we discovered an abundance of George Carlin specials on Netflix! Time to take some philosophy children, tune into b l a s t e d g o a t later or on every day of this most foul year of our Lord (2011) and I promise you will win something. Even if it is only your own self-satisfaction/gratification/masturbation… strike that last one, reverse it! Noitabrutsam? Jesus that sounds impressive!



Just so you know the Carlin specials are very entertaining. I made some chili and am working on the purple beast as we speak. I don’t work until four tomorrow so I will be working on cleaning my place and adding to this list AND writing/drawing my ambitious behind off. Gotta roll with these manic cycles when they happen.

That is all for now. I have a lot left to do. This year I’ll be sure to share it with you!



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