Lemon Bars, IT Stars and Social Networking: Etymologial Tricks or Treats?

I am eating the remaining lemon bars and I have just finished my first knitted garment of the year! So it was just a practice blob of purple yarn but I fashioned it into a cape for my cat. It is quite adorable but he hates it so I will try not to subject him to too much torture or humiliation. Now I am going to attempt a scarf… I just have to procure some suitable twine. That has a nice ring to it if I do say so myself.

I folk etymology. Sorry if that was a random leap but as I finish these delicious lemon bars I’m reminded of another treat I had this week. Netflix added the new season of the IT Crowd which I adore. Richard Ayoade, Chris O’Dowd and Katherine Parkinson work in the IT department with a cast of other interesting and hilarious characters. I haven’t seen the American version but I guess that’s fair because I started on the American Office and have only seen a handful of episodes from the original series. Anywho not to get off topic…

Parkinson mistakes “pedestal” for “peddle stool” and later in the episode O’Dowd mistakes “damp squib” for “damp squid.” I love little quirks in idiolect, dialect, language… I love watching different versions of the same thing (edited vs. unedited, American vs. foreign) and I also love audio commentaries… but that is completely besides the point. Now I’m not sure this whole thing had a point in the first place but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There is something about a carefully considered ramble session, you tend to say things you normally wouldn’t and if you don’t edit yourself too heavily you end up in unfamiliar areas of your mind.

A squib is defined as a firework and as a non-magical person among a few other things using internet search engines, which have become the source of most modern etymology. We google, wiki and sparknote while tweeting, youtubing, and facebooking all without batting an eye. We have the power to link two people together from across the planet via chat roulette or simply enjoy a witty British sitcom from the comfort of our Iowan abodes.

That irritating, incessantly texting, iphone toting teenager might use indecipherable acronyms, over-share on social networks or even convey their thoughts and queries in 140 characters or less. Technology doesn’t exist solely for self-indulgence but it does give the ability to present ourselves to the world in any way we wish and to share a thought as fast as we can type it and hit enter. When I was growing up I wanted to show others how things looked from my perspective. I became an avid reader, turned into a passionate writer and now am a meticulous editor. I don’t just edit words, anymore. I’ve moved on to photography and film and beyond. Now, with the help of the internet, I share my experiments with the world, or at least anyone who happens to drop by my blog!

I watch all kinds of films and I take all kinds of pictures. While film cannot capture life entirely, only imitate it with its series of moving images I find it is the best technology so far to portray what I see in my mind. Movement is the  real trick of film. This is best illustrated by those contraptions in museums that go around in a circle while you watch a cartoon play through a slit in the side. This is the basic nature of the medium: a series of moving photographs or images. Film is the composition of distinct shots which are edited together to create a story. The final stage is editing.  Editing creates movement by way of the selection and placement of shots in the compilation. Both image and sound is made into a final product that is consumed and interpreted by its audience. Newer generations have not remained content with mere consumption but have become editors and creators of their own recycled or completely user generated content.

This year I will take in film, music, art, books and select television programs and use them as my new curriculum. College taught me a lot but the most valuable lesson I took away was to teach myself. I will use this blog as a place where all my interests, projects and random thoughts mix. I am looking forward to a very productive and enlightening year. Ok, I am done rambling for now, promise!


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