Photographic Novel

Please visit PHOTOGRAPHIC NOVEL to see more photographs of…

UNI campus, trees, trips, zoos, drawings, concerts, local buildings, plants, cats, the downtown Waterloo area, friends, flowers, nature, shadows, tattoos, libraries, feet, Colorado mountains, cemeteries, goats and anything else your could possibly desire!

You can read this novel from start to finish, start from the end and read it backwards, browse the chapters that interest you, skip to the index of keywords for what you want or skim a few pages here and there at your leisure. Please be sure to let me know what you think of the photos and if you have any ideas for other things I can take pictures of. Oh, and if you would like to use any of the pictures on any of my blogs just leave a comment and tell me how it was used and where it can be found if you used it for online purposes, if you would like a link back, that is!


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