Jon Lajoie, Fellow YouTuber

That is the newest YouTube video by Jon Lajoie. And to think, I’ve met this nice young Canadian fellow. I own his first album and am going to get the second very soon. He came to Iowa and drew a picture of himself in my drawing book. I got video of him talking/performing and put it to a live recording of “High as Fuck.”

The original video of that song was the first thing I ever saw by Jon. A friend showed it to me and it was like destiny. I knew I had to meet this Canadian and offer him an altering substance. He was kind but did not accept my offer however I am sure he got so drunk on the kindness of us crazy mid-westerners that he passed out and quite forgot he had been here.

This is Jon’s YouTube channel:

I love most of his videos but of course I have my favorites!

I will review some of these and get back to you with links for the above titles, for now, I am feeling lazy. I should be back to work on this more later…

Oh, back so soon am I? Yes I am. To remind you that this talented YouTube comedian started out making videos in his basement and has had his own Comedy Central special and is on a hilarious television show about fantasy football. Yes, you heard right, I don’t like fantasy football or even football in general but I really love The League. I rented the first season on DVD and the second season is playing now I believe (I don’t have cable to know for sure and am patient enough to wait for it on DVD) I would have started watching it on Hulu but they are bastards and only go five episodes and I just missed the first one!

The Birthday Song:

Anyway I am really leaving now but I will be back slightly later to amend this blog ONCE AGAIN!

Ok, blog amended! I hope you check out these links. I will be sure to go see Jon again if he ever comes anywhere close to me again!


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