Do you only notice weirdness in its absence?

REAL SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK, now that would be tiiiiiight!

Six point eight billion people on this planet
and six point eight billion minus one
are never right! BUY PENIS ENLARGEMENT NOW!!!

But, beware of four hour boners
unless you are trying to impress four x the lovers!

Women, no wonder we’re obsessed!
Staring unblinkingly into giant screens
turning sickly shades of last year’s green
comparing identical hair, teeth, lips–until we’re all corpses!

WAKE UP to this nightmare:
We all have tits

and someday,
they’re all hitting the fucking  floor!


*This post was written under the influence of Electric Six, I was listening to “I am a Song” from their new album, Zodiac, which I would like to review soon. This post is pretty much nonsensical rambling but it is a fair bit poetic-ish at least!


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