Bacon & Provolone Smothered Chicken


I baked (at 350 degrees) thawed chicken breasts in a bath of water, a bit of Worcestershire and soy sauce after sprinkling them with Greek seasoning. (You could use garlic or onion powder, or chicken broth instead of water)

Then, I drained the water once the breasts were mostly cooked and sprinkled them with parsley. After covering them with pizza sauce I added pre-cooked bits of bacon (leftover from BLTs) and chopped onions and green peppers. I returned it to the oven until those ingredients were warm then added slices of Provolone cheese and topped with crushed red pepper, more parsley, oregano, Parmesan cheese…

I broiled the breasts until the cheese was bubbly and turned golden brown…

I want to try substituting pepperoni for bacon and getting some mozzarella for the next try. I would also like to add mushrooms instead of or in addition to the peppers and onions.

If you try this or have a variation of this recipe and want to share it use the comment box!

I didn’t list safe chicken temperatures, at work we heat everything to 165 degrees so I assume you would be safe there. I know chicken needs to be warmer than beef and I rarely cook pork. After you make something so many times you learn to tell by the texture and color and certainly by taste. Cooking chicken in water or broth helps keep the moisture in so if you are wary just leave it in a little longer :)

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One Response to “Bacon & Provolone Smothered Chicken”

  1. This Looks delicious! I’m going to have to make this, sometime this week! Awesome recipe:)



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