A Trip to the Rod Library: Thinking of Places I’ve Worked

Tonight on BLASTEDGOAT we will join our post already in progress from the library I used to work at on the campus of the university I used to attend once I leave my house and drive there!

::travel music::

Well here I am at the library and someone has just dropped a book. We had to come here to fax something and stopped off at the computers where I spent many a day typing and printing, and printing and printing…

I used to work here. Those were the days… even the early shifts, maybe getting a hot chocolate… being the only one in your little part of the library for a few minutes… starting all the computers and getting things ready for the day. I even miss shelving the books. We got to listen to music and on glorious weekends even browse the internet from time to time. I usually printed my assignments, did a bit of light reading, cut scrap paper, wrote little poems and observations or I drew. I would sketch some pretty random things! I miss the people I worked with and the little inspirations I found just being around so many books. I would walk around and browse for interesting books, I knew the sections well (the ones I liked at least) and had my favorite places to shelve, study and hide for a bit of a daydream. Best. Job. Ever.

That really got me thinking about all the jobs I’ve had. A few definitely stand out. I was thinking of when I worked at Happy Chef while I was driving here. They closed the Waterloo and Cedar Falls restaurants recently. I worked their for nine months a few years ago. My best friend got me the job just as she was leaving to go to Iowa City. There wasn’t much of an interview, more of a when can you start kind of deal.

I liked it there. I left because there just weren’t enough hours (the story of my life) but I still have a lot of good memories of the place. The strange thing is I drive by that newly emptied building every day to get to work. I also work right next door to where I used to also work, a pizza place by the name of Doughy Joey’s. I hated wearing a red jumpsuit but there pizza is still amazing to me. I also lived downtown a few blocks from the Subway that I spend most of my waking time at. Those were very different times.

Then I would be walking to the Waterloo Library which was only a few blocks from the rest of the places I just mentioned, convenient, eh? Well anyway I must get sidetracked way too easily because I was telling you about Happy Chef. More like, I was about to start talking about people I used to work with but I’m not so sure this is a great idea…

To be continued…?


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