Fairytales, Love, Destiny, Exercise? Nevermore!

True lovers. Really true lovers, like the kinds you find in fairy tales. They may be unrealistic. Heroes and heroines rarely if ever stand up against evil, at least to the greatest evils: poverty, starvation, debt, classism, serfdom, slavery and genocide. All of these things continue to exist in our world due to a disproportionate amount of people who simply choose to look the other way.

Most people usually don’t possess from birth (or acquire via bite, ingestion or hex) super human abilities or mutations that aid them in their fights against said evils. They also don’t cover up their freakish identities with silly costumes of what they think everyone else thinks is normal. These “secret identities” give hope to bumbling idiots and far-out dreamers alike. It encourages them to believe that their abstractions can somehow make a difference within a cookie-cutter society…

Maybe they are right and they do exist but they still aren’t very realistic. Good thing you’re reading fiction. Everything you and every innocent bystander wanted to do when that hero failed to show in real life is possible in the straight, steady lines of a graphic novel…

Hopefully that will happen sometime in the near future. As of the moment, the lines I have written here have been utter nonsense. (Things I probably heard at some point in my life in some rearranged order that I have dictated here to you, here today, in two-thousand-and-freaking-eleven… God, I already beginning to forget what year it is… the comfort and expectation of those ever climbing and yet familiar nine-teen-nighties… seven, eight, nine…)

Anyway, it was the year 2000: I was in high school. Looking for a tale of woe, a sad, sad, weepy love story. I found one. I found a few. I am, like a Disney storyline, always and forever proving to be most unrealistic…

A quote that caught my eye: “Our Destiny Remains Our Choice” –Obama. It just seemed like something you would read in a book. I thought of how simple the sentence was and what it meant on the surface and if it could mean anything else or be misconstrued in some way. I broke it apart: Our Destiny Remains / Our Choice. This kind of sounded creepier. Kind of abortion-y in a way… can you just invent the word abortion-y in a blog? It probably isn’t kosher (the slang version, not the lifestyle). Am I making any sense tonight? No? Good! Then this IS the perfect writing exercise. It is supposed to be exercise. Did I mention that I ALWAYS misspell the word “exersize”? (I also mispell misspell!) No matter how many times I try to write it by hand or even with a typing machine I almost never get it right on the first try. I am actually a very bad speller, not very bad compared to most people I run across on a daily basis but I also have pretty high expectations.

There is a very good reason I have these ridiculously high expectations, I myself am usually or occasionally or never ridiculously high myself. There I’ve done it again, I have! I like to be redundant. You probably couldn’t tell but I like to say things more than once. I hope you don’t mind but I’d like to remind you of my point, I began by quoting a quote. Now, I, the sub-sandwich makin’, college loan debt/credit card late payin’ Raven, will quote, NEVERMORE! She will re-hash on hash while possibly eating hash browns! PROMISE!

Here’s the original: Our Destiny Remains Our Choice

Here’s mine: Our Remains, Our Destiny, Our Choice…

What remains is my crummy life and works as attested to on this blog. This blog’s destiny is unknown, like mine and like your own. Choices are in every word, line, post and moment of time that was wasted of yours and mine…

I am calling this an improvisation. I’m not sure exactly what it has to do with time and/or money in America but I am placing it within that category anyhow. I think it is there at some level… and in case not,  if you, yourself have a fair bit of time* you would like to waste I found this NPR article somewhat interesting:  The Fairy Tale Struggles To Live Happily Ever After

*If you only wish to waste a little time, don’t bother reading the above NPR article about the marketability and popularity of fairy tales and their possible decline and questionable relevance in our modern world, simply read what I considered to be one of the most intriguing lines from said article:

“The true lovers of fairy tales — the books as well as the movies — say that the stories are accessible and archetypal. And therefore they will always be with us, even if they morph to fit the zeitgeist.”

With that being referenced: I am beginning work on a new project! A reality-inspired fictional piece of indeterminable length and scope. I’m thinking short stories in a collected volume or a medium length chapter book. The most important element at this stage is picking the themes, setting the structure, conducting preliminary research and doing a lot of free-writing. I’m hoping I can turn some of these daily required blog posts into ideas and eventually chapters. I am all for the free exchange of ideas online. If someone steals my ideas I just have to hope that I am the better writer and that my dedication and creativity will earn me readers from all walks of life and interests!

I also invite responses from any of my readers. While I do aim to publish (hopefully self-publish) someday, I don’t consider blogging as an activity that gives my ideas away but that gets my ideas out there and strengthens and reinforces them, making me a better writer and it a better work of literature. I am the kind of person who likes to generate a lot of good material or footage and then edit it down. This project will include a lot of current events and a lot of researching of classic literature such as fairy tales.

I for one can’t wait! I love fairy tales but I am ready to take the time to make some new ones that new generations can relate to in such a messed up world. I have always loved fiction and nonfiction and I think it is possible to write a great hybrid work with the help of current events and everything I learned in college that I haven’t got to use in the real world… yet.


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