Valentine’s Day: Melting Snow & Footprint Photos

We took these pictures yesterday because I had to work all day today.

Yeah that’s right, nine hours of asking mostly thankless assholes if they “wanted a free cookie with that” because I am employed by an evil sandwich corporation that is attempting to up its cookie sales. It’s a dirty, rotten trick, hooking people with a free sample on the most sickening of greeting card holidays… it won’t be long before all our customers turn blue in the face, transforming into unintelligible, baked-good-devouring monsters… or maybe they already have, it’s hard to say. Oh, but don’t let that scare you or worry your pretty little head, for fuck’s sake don’t let me ruin your precious Valentine’s Day.

These are just pictures of me and my assumed Valentine walking around in the cold fucking snow but, like my icy, pointless holiday hating heart that snow is slowly melting… and just like that random egg yolk my heart is sizzling in the sun, its shell broken into pieces, scattered around our front yard… Bleh, further analogies are beyond me at this point, I digress.

I was slightly amused on this day of unrequited (and at times downright retarded) love, for I was the recipient of three amazingly archaic greeting cards! One each from my grandmother, dad and best friend.

The one from my grandmother included a bag of Snickers (which I don’t so much care for save their fantastic name!) The card from my dad included a heart-embellished bookmark-ish device that I will immediately stick in a book or book-like object on or before my next day off…

Tune in to see what blastedgoat will be reading if you’re either: a creepy stalker or you have way too much time on your hands!


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