It’s STILL February

These were taken in February. No, not this February but February nonetheless. They seemed appropriate for the day after Valentine’s blog. Forgive me for all the photo posts lately I seem to do those or recipes when I am more busy than usual. I am working on a good one for tomorrow but first a grilled cheese sandwich and some Katamari!

By the way… taking the bus in February or any time when it is cold and/or there is snow on the ground is always an interesting adventure. By interesting I mean shivery but, we still occasionally manage to have fun during the frozen parts of the year :)

This series was taken the last time my car broke down in the middle of winter. We decided to take the bus for a grocery trip! Those reusable bags are lifesavers… and those pink glasses were broken a long time ago! Come to think of it, it’s been a long time since I graduated from UNI…

A little over a year has passed and I can still barely pay my bills. Here’s to this blog bringing me a little closer to my dream job, or at least a job that doesn’t involve copious amounts of mayonnaise. For the love of three kinds of processed pre-sliced cheese, please.

I will settle for this blog becoming a place for me to keep ideas until I finally put them to use or a place to stash image files I don’t want to lose. Digital, scanned or hand-drawn visual records that represent my life so far, preserving my young self (twenty-four is relatively young) for my future self to giggle at.

I enjoy going back and checking out old websites, blogs and profiles I had on what are now ghost-town-like websites. I’m thinking Angelfire, Freeservers, and oh my gosh do you remember Expages? YIKES! I amuse myself constantly, and I have been amusing myself on the internet since I was about thirteen years old. I coined the name blastedgoat around that time and it has stuck for over ten years.

I won’t be stopping anytime soon, not after attending a four year state university, attaining a basic grasp of the English language and amassing an army, tiny though it is, of aspiring cooks, photography enthusiasts, high school students writing book reports, and people who saw the television show Freaks and Geeks!


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