Forgive Me WordPress, For I Did Not Blog

I’m really taking this blog thing seriously, that is, except for those times I start a post and forget to hit publish and walk out the door for an evening of shrinky dink shenanigans!! (Otherwise known as tonight!) I had a few accomplices but they know that I don’t get out much so they were doing me a much needed favor! I’m guessing you would rather have an awesome post about the shrinky dink process complete with photos over what was probably going to be a lame post anyway… At least I made it well into February before committing my first blogging sin of the year. Forgive me WordPress, for I did not blog. My penance will be harsh but it will be well worth my little shrunken pieces of colored plastic! For now I’m posting these pictures of a church near my house to remind you, happy blogging/sinning/shrinky dinking!


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