There are so many thoughts scattering in my brain. Eyes roll in smoke circles getting dizzy trying to get just one idea to pop to the top. If I were so inclined to finish that line with a marketing tag-line it would have ended with the fun don’t stop. Sadly they lied, like all ads. The fun, most definitely, does stop, eventually.

The fun stops once you realize your childhood amounts to nothing more or less than a compilation of animated musicals, sharply dressed and disguised breakfast cereal salesmen and the beginning of a nostalgia and marketing driven society. (Remind me to blog about irritating Subway $5 Footlong advertisements, they fucking haunt me in my dreams!)

Contrary to popular belief, popular belief being that I am very strong willed and die hard about my interests, I am actually a fan of a lot of things and that list grows every single day. While I realize these interests may be slightly unique among a certain group of people that doesn’t mean that my likes and opinions are any better or worse, the important thing is that I am simply entitled to have likes and dislikes. Not everyone is going to agree on everything but as time has taught me, certain things tend to take a little time to grow on you but, once they do, you are hooked for life.

I dislike blatantly putting things down, especially if I am ignorant of them but I am human and I have been known to do it. I do have preferences, a style, a taste and I can get pretty opinionated about it. Only, I’m not that bad if you just know me in passing, I usually gravitate towards the “let’s all just get along” mantra. Plus, I have been exposed to some awesome things by being open-minded at the right time and place with the right people :)

At one time I hated Beck, The Offspring and believe it or not, The Killers. I gave them all a second chance and now I enjoy a lot more music because of it! Sometimes it’s easy to cast something aside initially and things can often start to wear out their welcome when bombarded over radio waves. Either way, my goal on this blog is to share things I find that are amazing while allowing room for feedback, good or bad. I also welcome input and suggestions for other: topics, television shows, technologies, current events, bands, albums, songs, etc…

That being said, I present my first topic of interest: Phones!

Let me ponder this and get back to you with all the details in a few moments. Disclaimer: A few moments could last up to a few hours. Never fear, I will return, my computer is feet away from where I sleep, there aren’t many places I can hide!


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